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Could this be you?...

  • Approaching retirement and considering your options?
  • Thinking about or planning for your retirement and wondering where to start?
  • Trying to make sense of the pensions and other arrangements you have?

We keep things simple...

  • We understand financial issues can be daunting for some people
  • We’ll do all we can to help you through this and keep things simple along the way
  • Do you know ‘how much is enough’?  Can you afford the lifestyle you want?

How we've helped others like you...

  • You’re not alone! You’re unique but many people have similar issues to you
  • We’re experienced and understand the concerns and objectives people have
  • Take a look at how we’ve helped others like you…

Where do you start?...

  • We need to find out about each other before we decide to work together
  • Let’s have a chat to see if we’re a good fit and take it from there?
  • Our first meeting is at our expense so you’ve nothing to lose!

The Meaning Behind Your Money…

Retirement means different things to different people. We see retirement as a journey rather than an event. Your future is a very personal thing, however, there are common themes we often come across:

  • I want to know if I’m doing the best I can with my money
  • Retirement is on my mind and I want to know what options I have and if I have enough
  • I’ve got a lot of ‘bits’ and don’t really know what it all means. I need some clarity
  • I’m a bit daunted about money and would value advice and reassurance
  • I want to know I’m always going to have enough money, regardless of what happens in the world

If you’re thinking along these lines, we might be the right firm for you. We’ll take time to understand you and what’s important to you. Once we have a clear picture, we’ll help you put plans in place to help you get there.

You’ll be pleased to see how transparent we are in the way we work and our fees. We operate on a no surprises philosophy so you’ll always know exactly what we’ll be doing for you, what that will involve and the cost.

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How We’ve Helped Others…

  • I had money from a Pension to invest and wanted to discuss my options.  Marco offered me time, explained my options, gave me some facts to consider and allowed me to ask questions and go away to consider which path I wanted.  He made me feel in control of my choices.  Marco was genuine, informative, listened to me, asked the right amount of questions to make me think. Location and comfort of office good.

    GillOctober 2018
  • I was unhappy with my current advisor.  Marco cut through the jargon, and laid out all the options available to me.  I now have a clear view of my future needs and what to do in the short term to achieve them.
    ChrisAugust 2018
  • "We wanted to make investments with savings.  Marco took us through all the available options, and helped us understand pros and cons of each. He also made us think about why we were thinking about investing in the first place.  Due to personal circumstances we decided, with Marco, that waiting for a while before investing was the right course of action".

    EvanMarch 2018
  • "I needed to better understand my pensions. So I needed answers to questions such as am I paying in enough, if I paid more how much earlier could I retire, should I merge or change any of my pensions. Marco questioned and listened to me to get a really thorough understanding of what I required from him. He told me briefly about how he could help me in a more detailed manner, but stuck very much to providing clarity around my current pension situation and what that means for the future which is what I required. I am delighted in the output from Marco. He fully answered my questions, providing a great presentation, and illustrated through charts, graphs, and verbally a very clear and easy to understand view of my pension funds."

    RoseJanuary 2018
  • "I inherited a sum of money which I wanted to invest for the future. Marco assessed my attitude to risk and found me an investment which exactly suited my needs. I have absolutely seen the outcome I was hoping for and have no criticism of the service I received".

    ScottJanuary 2018
  • "Marco did an incredible amount of research, contacting all companies involved to fully understand our investments. He looked at all the different options to transfer our money back to the UK. Communication with Marco is excellent, and he has given us clarity on our situation, and a way to move forward".

    ElizabethOctober 2017
  • "Difficult to criticise. Gave prompt advice, whilst maintaining a professional and friendly relationship."

    JohnOctober 2017
  • "Marco assessed my needs, savings and investments, advised on some changes, and set up new investments. I am happy with Marco's service".

    DerekSeptember 2017

How We Can Help You

Your Issues...

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Our Approach...

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Our Values...

Our values tell you what sort of a firm you are working with. They are at the heart of what we do and why.