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Could this be you?...

  • Approaching retirement and considering your options?
  • Thinking about or planning for your retirement and wondering where to start?
  • Trying to make sense of the pensions and other arrangements you have?

We keep things simple...

  • We understand financial issues can be daunting for some people
  • We’ll do all we can to help you through this and keep things simple along the way
  • Do you know ‘how much is enough’?  Can you afford the lifestyle you want?

How we've helped others like you...

  • You’re not alone! You’re unique but many people have similar issues to you
  • We’re experienced and understand the concerns and objectives people have
  • Take a look at how we’ve helped others like you…

Where do you start?...

  • We need to find out about each other before we decide to work together
  • Let’s have a chat to see if we’re a good fit and take it from there?
  • Our first meeting is at our expense so you’ve nothing to lose!

The Meaning Behind Your Money…

Retirement means different things to different people. We see retirement as a journey rather than an event. Your future is a very personal thing, however, there are common themes we often come across:

  • I want to know if I’m doing the best I can with my money
  • Retirement is on my mind and I want to know what options I have and if I have enough
  • I’ve got a lot of ‘bits’ and don’t really know what it all means. I need some clarity
  • I’m a bit daunted about money and would value advice and reassurance
  • I want to know I’m always going to have enough money, regardless of what happens in the world

If you’re thinking along these lines, we might be the right firm for you. We’ll take time to understand you and what’s important to you. Once we have a clear picture, we’ll help you put plans in place to help you get there.

You’ll be pleased to see how transparent we are in the way we work and our fees. We operate on a no surprises philosophy so you’ll always know exactly what we’ll be doing for you, what that will involve and the cost.

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How We’ve Helped Others…

  • Marco immediately put me at ease (laughing about the rainbow that had appeared over the building ending directly at his office), and we had a really helpful (and long) chat about the things that were concerning me, and how I could make some changes and move forward. It ended up being a bit of a therapy session! He has a very straightforward way of explaining things which dispels any confusion or complication. He's also very dry which (being a northerner) I appreciated! I definitely plan to get his advice in the future.

    SarahDecember 2019
  • Marco takes the time to find out about your particular circumstances and asks really good questions. We felt comfortable talking to him and he is a good listener. Marco has given us some clarity and reassurances about our retirements plans which is what we were looking for.

    GlynisNovember 2019
  • My wife and I inherited money and wanted to invest wisely.  Marco was friendly and knowledgeable and explained things in a way that even I could understand. The patience and time taken to explain things enabled us to agree sound strategy for moving ahead with an investment portfolio. His advice and guidance was always helpful, but never pushy and at all times we felt in control.

    DavidAugust 2019
  • Marco stands out from the crowd because he focuses more on the person than the money. He listens astutely to what you want to achieve and offers you a clear path towards it. Marco makes it clear that money is a means to an end. Once the basics are in place, he challenges you to focus on the value of life experiences, as much as the value of one investment over another. Marco's advice helped us to understand whether we were likely to have enough money to cover a variety of scenarios. He has a refreshingly holistic approach to finance.

    SimonJune 2019
  • I didn't have adequate pension provision and was worried that I'd left it too late. Marco assured me I hadn't!  Marco has always been very helpful in explaining everything clearly and honestly. So far the pension is performing as it should but he reviews it regularly and would let me know if things change.

    CatherineJune 2019
  • Marco conducted a comprehensive review of our current spending, future plans and pension packages and provided a clear, easily understood review of the options that we asked about. Marco was very understanding and non-judgemental; it was a delight that he provided the advice we required and didnt try to sell us products that we didnt need.  We have a clear understanding around our options for early retirement.

    PatrickApril 2019
  • "Having lived in Germany for some years, and after being misadvised by a major international financial consultancy organisation, I needed advice on how to invest my pensions in the UK.  Marco provided clear, understandable, and down to earth advice. He took the time to clearly understand my situation, and explain how it could be resolved. He also followed up diligently with multiple investment companies to free up my previous investments, and minimise costs (my pensions had previously been invested in high cost funds)."

    IanJanuary 2019
  • "I had money from a Pension to invest and wanted to discuss my options.  Marco offered me time, explained my options, gave me some facts to consider and allowed me to ask questions and go away to consider which path I wanted.  He made me feel in control of my choices.  Marco was genuine, informative, listened to me, asked the right amount of questions to make me think. Location and comfort of office good."

    GillOctober 2018

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