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The Retirement Mindset
Many people tell us they want to plan for their retirement.  They’ve worked long years and, whilst they’ve generally enjoyed their careers, they’re not sure how much is left in the tank so, in their minds, it’s time to look at drawing things to a close and to plan to retire.  Almost as the retirement is the end of their journey.

This is normal and unsurprising, you might think, but I want to challenge that way of thinking.  I speak from personal experience when I say that sometimes, doing something completely different, even if it’s more intensive than what I was doing before, can be invigorating and can summon up energy and enthusiasm that I didn’t think I had!

For a bit of fun, I sat down one day and rattled off 100 things one could do in their retirement.  Some might call it a bucket list.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, but I feel it’s important to have some objectives and goals to keep you interested, excited and young!

Let’s look at 3 from the list.

Go Back to University
My Dad is Italian and my Mum is Irish.  ‘So what’, I hear you say.  The thing is, my siblings and I were never brought up speaking Italian and this has been a source of constant annoyance for me.


My Dad did try but you know what kids are like when it comes to languages!  Recently, I started studying Italian at college.  I could argue that I don’t have the time and that I do enough, but I can honestly tell you that I find it terribly absorbing and, far from adding more commitments to my life, it acts as a release.

What subjects really interest you?  What would you like to know more about?  Is there the scope for you to re-train or just learn something new and interesting?  OK, it might not involve going back to university, but I wonder how fulfilling it would be for you if you took a formal course in a subject you’re interested in?  I reckon you’d love it.  There are the other benefits of finding a new circle of friends and widening that knowledge in to other areas.

Learn a Martial Art
Not everyone’s bag I know but martial arts are a way ofMARTIAL-ARTS developing confidence, fitness, flexibility, the list goes on.

I’ve trained in martial arts for 30 years and I see what a positive impact martial arts can have on people.  The ones it seems to impact the most are the very young and the very ‘not so young’.

Older students tell me how fulfilled and excited they are by their training and how martial arts have made them feel ’20 years younger’!

Join A Gym
This is along the same lines but one thing the gym goer has is routine which is an important aspect of a solid and enjoyableretirement.

We all need routine to a degree and doing an hour in the gym every day can be a significant and enjoyable part of this.  It almost doesn’t matter what you do when you get there.  You might just do a gentle job or some very light weights.

The important thing is that you’ll be doing something that energises you and makes you feel good.

It’s up to You
Retirement is a blank piece of paper.  Within your resources, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Think differently, change your routine, shake it up a bit and you never know what you’ll achieve.  I’ve seen people transform in their retirement and it’s a wonderful sight to see the injection of enthusiasm these people experience.

Often, it doesn’t have to be ‘big’, it just has to be ‘different’.  Rewards in life come in all shapes and sizes so there’s no right or wrong.  Just try stuff!

Until nest time…