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Do Values Matter?...

Values Matter…

We think values are important when doing business with people, especially in our line of work. That’s why we want to share our values with you.

These aren’t just things we have made up to look good on a website. We’ve thought long and hard about them and they represent what we are and why we are in business.


You’ll always know what you’re getting and what the cost is. We don’t like surprises and we don’t expect you do either.

Don’t Cut Corners

Our profession can be complex with lots of rules and regulations so it’s really important to be thorough and to make sure stones are not left unturned.

Keep Things Simple

We do all we can to translate the complex stuff in to simple terms so you can engage with things. Not always easy but we try our very best!

Do What We Say

We don’t over promise if we don’t think we can deliver, we’ll manage your expectations realistically. If we say we’re going to do something, expect us to do it!

Try To Make It Fun!

Not always easy but we do our best to make things as engaging and enjoyable for you as possible. You’ll decide if it’s fun or not!