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Relationships are important. Whether it’s personal or professional, as you get to know the other party, you come to understand the strong points and the not-so-strong points in a relationship, and the better you know them, the more you understand how these points work for, or against, your own interests. “The devil you know” is an expression many of us are familiar with, and may even live by, because we generally feel comfort in relationships where we know what we’re getting– even if it’s not always what’s best for our own needs. In some cases, staying comfortable in a complacent relationship is okay, but when it’s crumbling, you need to get out. That’s why, when it comes to your retirement, it’s important to consider if you can afford to be loyal to the pension provider you’re currently with (and have maybe even been loyal to for decades), and to ask yourself if it’s time to get out of that relationship?


We remember a time when loyalty meant something to financial institutions. They valued (or at least appeared to value) their customers’ business and would often show their appreciation by looking after them and providing financial rewards. Times have changed.

These days, clients tell us that they feel like numbers in a database when dealing with the financial institutions that used to treat them with respect and understanding. Institutions like banks, insurance companies and pension companies. Our clients feel that their years of loyalty to these institutions is no longer valued, and they feel like their relationships are on an unsteady foundation. Essentially, many of them feel that those managing their savings and helping them plan for their future within these institutions don’t really care about them as people. In these situations, we can no longer afford to let loyalty get in the way of what’s best for us.

When one relationship withers, another is ready to grow.

There are so many options for people at retirement these days. Pension freedoms are generally regarded as a very positive development, but adding more choice to the market can make it difficult and intimidating to decide what’s best. These new choices also make it difficult for pension providers to keep up as new kids are always arriving on the block.

We urge you to step away from these institutions and be loose with your loyalty! Play the field and be proud of it! If your pension provider values you enough– if they’re as loyal to you as you have been to them– they’ll offer you terms that are acceptable to you and re-build your relationship. But often, you’ll find that you’re better off going with someone else. Choose what’s best for you, and find a new relationship that will help you thrive.


At Brighton Financial, we’re independent. We have no loyalty except to our clients and we haven’t lost sight of the importance of nurturing relationships with the people who walk through our door. Perhaps it’s old fashioned, but we believe that, as our clients pay our wages, they deserve to receive excellent service. We put our clients’ interests at the centre of things and work hard to maintain a happy and fruitful long-term relationship with them.

When you walk through our door, we’ll take the time to talk to you, to understand you, and get to know what’s important to you. If you’d like, we’ll play the field for you and will get you the best deal for your retirement. The decisions you make at retirement could be with you or the rest of your life, so it’s important to play the field to get the right deal and find the relationship that will be most satisfactory to you. And with your pension sorted, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on other more important relationships.

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